We take the safety of our audiences, artists, staff, venues and communities very seriously. After a long, hard period of lockdown, it is extremely important to us that we produced a programme of events that you can enjoy at the Festival within a safe and secure environment.

We regularly update our procedures and follow the Scottish Government Guidelines to update this page, our messaging and protocols as required. We check the relevant face covering requirements and social distancing guidelines at our events.

If you are attending our events:

  • It is not mandatory to wear a mask whilst watching performances, however you can choose to wear a mask if you feel more comfortable doing so*
  • You are not legally required to provide proof of a vaccine certificate, however dependent on the nature of the event, we may request to see one
  • Be aware that there are no current social distancing measures, so you will be sitting side-by-side with audience members
  • If you are using public transport, or travelling in a car with other households, to the venue, consider wearing a mask. Where possible, we do encourage you to use other methods of active travel as part of our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability: https://dgartsfestival.org.uk/environmental-sustainability/
  • We use the information you provide us online for track and trace purposes. If you book at a venue, you will be required to provide this information in-person.

*The vast majority of people can wear a face covering. However, the Government recognise that there are situations where a person is unable to, or it would be inappropriate, for them to wear a face covering. Those exempt by law should not be forces to wear a face covering, abused or treated in any unacceptable way or denied access to places where face coverings are required. For example, if you are D/deaf or hard of hearing and need to lip read, we will ensure staff at the venues communicate without masks. For more information on face coverings and masks, visit: Coronavirus (COVID-19): face coverings and masks – gov.scot (www.gov.scot)

We work closely with our partner venues to host our events, and strongly advise them to follow our COVID-19 protocols. At times, they may have their own COVID-19 protocols, however we encourage venues we engage with to follow the same guidelines.

Our host venues will:

  • Ensure there are always fully stocked sanitising stations
  • Collect audience information if they book direct at the venue for track and trace purposes
  • Ensure signage is clear for audiences to see, acknowledge and act on the guidelines
  • Provide spare masks for audiences who may have left theirs at home
  • Conduct regular staff training on COVID-19 protocols
  • Ensure the venue is well ventilated, opening windows/doors for get-in and get-out

The Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival team are provided with face coverings, which they can choose to wear. They are provided relevant training when there are changes to the guidelines. We have procedures in place if we need to cancel or postpone an event due to an outbreak.

Our team has created detailed risk assessments and formulated plans for each event that places your safety first. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates. For ease of mind, if you would like more information, or a copy of our risk assessments, please contact: info@dgartsfestival.org.uk

To explore our programme, visit our what’s on page by clicking here.