21st May 2023 11:00am - 1:00pm


21st May 2023 11:00am - 11:30am
21st May 2023 1:00pm - 1:30pm

Oceanallover invites you into an altered reality of unique costume, visceral dance, visual poetry, and powerful music.

The Scales of the World is a thrilling performance inviting you to let the scales fall from your eyes.

This project is a collaboration with musicians Breezy Lee and Richard Luke along with leading Dubstep producer Pinch. We offer you an energetic invitation to dance and a moment to consider your place in the world. The project is based around a short story by Alex Rigg which leads your through a process of revelation, rebellion and reinvention. Dance forms an important part of the project and our core team will be joined by dancers from London and New York as the project evolves over the next two years. Live music is an important element in our performances alongside spoken word. The Scales of the World will feature unique costume made by Alex Rigg working alongside the infamous couturier Mr Pearl.

The project is inspired by reptiles and a relationship between dress, performance and place. In this series of events we will bring a specific focus on journeying as a transformative experience. Ecdysis makes a natural progression from our previous project, Transfigured (2010-20), and follows along the path of the surrealist revolution, encouraging its audience to make their own personal revolutions and to see the world as a place of wonder.

The Scales of the World is a celebration of change through music, dance and costume – a response to landscapes both urban and rural, blurring boundaries between an appreciation of place alongside the placement of an unusual and unexpected art event.

Lead with your toes and not your heel, let your arms dance, light fills your eyes and your head, pours into your body. You must become a vessel, a hand to hold the world, the hips through which all life will pass. The sun striking through your surface will cast a million shimmering spells upon the sky and we shall move into the earth together.