26th Oct 2023 7:30pm - 8:20pm


26th Oct 2023 7:30pm - 8:20pm
Individual: £10 | Under 26: £5

Welcome to the jar.

Here, tragedy floats and the lonely wail of an abandoned tomato cuts through the salty atmosphere.

Come hear the lament of lives not lived, watch the chaotic energy of the search for meaning and try to find the connection between these decaying vegetables and your own existence.

Be prepared, bring a napkin, will you laugh or cry? who knows. You’ll leave all stirred up but none the wiser.

A surreal theatrical cabaret for adults with puppetry, mask, and perhaps a poem that promises more vegetables per pound than any current supermarket. So, don’t worry about inflation when there is disintegration.

Show: Pickled Republic

Created by: Ruxy Cantir
Directed by: Shona Reppe
Produced by: Scissor Kick
Running Time: 50 minutes
Age Guidance: 14+

Creator/Performer: Ruxy Cantir
Director: Shona Reppe
Visual Designer: Fergus Dunnet
Lighting Designer: Alberto Santos Bellido
Composer / Sound Designer: John Keilty
Stage Manager / Engagement Coordinator: Geraldine Heaney
Tour Technician: Zoe Williams
Producer: Scissor Kick
PR: Chloé Nelkin Consulting
Graphic Design: Gallusness
Images Credit: Andy Catlin