Genre: Puppetry

Tortoise in a Nutshell present Ginger

It’s time to get baking! Eggs crack Butter melts Puffs of flour fill the air The perfect platter of Gingerbread people is ready for the oven. But one of these biscuits has other ideas… Ginger welcomes you to a picture-perfect kitchen, for a brand-new baking masterclass from everyone’s favourite baker-extraordinaire…Ginger! Back with the latest instalment… Read more »

Pickled Republic By Ruxy Cantir

Welcome to the jar. Here, tragedy floats and the lonely wail of an abandoned tomato cuts through the salty atmosphere. Come hear the lament of lives not lived, watch the chaotic energy of the search for meaning and try to find the connection between these decaying vegetables and your own existence. Be prepared, bring a… Read more »

Ludic Acid presents Cat Sith

Something is prowling through the spectacular Crawick Multiverse. Is it an errant endangered Scottish wildcat, an ancient mythical highland spirit, or a modern vernacular cryptid perhaps? Join Sammy, cat catcher extraordinaire, as he tracks and stalks this elusive beast in an interactive, light hearted engrossing spectacle. This act begins as independent interactive dual walkabouts of… Read more »