Genre: Theatre

Tortoise in a Nutshell present Ginger

It’s time to get baking! Eggs crack Butter melts Puffs of flour fill the air The perfect platter of Gingerbread people is ready for the oven. But one of these biscuits has other ideas… Ginger welcomes you to a picture-perfect kitchen, for a brand-new baking masterclass from everyone’s favourite baker-extraordinaire…Ginger! Back with the latest instalment… Read more »

Pickled Republic By Ruxy Cantir

Welcome to the jar. Here, tragedy floats and the lonely wail of an abandoned tomato cuts through the salty atmosphere. Come hear the lament of lives not lived, watch the chaotic energy of the search for meaning and try to find the connection between these decaying vegetables and your own existence. Be prepared, bring a… Read more »

Woman Walking by Sylvia Dow, Directed by Becky Hope-Palmer

I know you’re there. You’ve been there all this time. Watching. Woman Walking by acclaimed Scottish playwright, Sylvia Dow, is inspired by the life of Nan Shepherd, and her love of the Cairngorms and the connection she had with the mountains. Woman Walking is a beautifully poignant play imagining several interactions over a period of… Read more »

AyeTunes! presents My Doric Diary

It’s December 31st, 2010, in Fraserburgh and the eve of Daisy’s 17th birthday. But all is not sparkly at Daisy and Granny’s house. Tempers have erupted and a disgruntled Daisy has locked herself away. Daisy is desperate to join her best friend at the New Year’s Eve party in the town’s Leisure Centre, but Granny… Read more »

A Play, A Pie and A Pint presents Leopards Ate my Face

Written by Grant O’Rourke Directed by Jo Freer Derek has a new neighbour moving in next door but he doesn’t like the look of him. He could be a drug dealer. Maybe’s he got a pet snake. Can a drug dealer have a pet snake? Leopards Ate My Face is a new comedy by Grant… Read more »

Birchvale Players & Wee Mousie Theatre Company A Climate for Change

Our year-round Stage iT programme presents a double bill of brand new theatre created by young people from across Dumfries & Galloway. Two of our region’s leading youth theatres explore the climate crisis, what it means to the people of our beautiful region and how we can all contribute to the protection of our environment… Read more »

Oceanallover presents Scales of the World Pop Up Performance

Oceanallover invites you into an altered reality of unique costume, visceral dance, visual poetry, and powerful music. The Scales of the World is a thrilling performance inviting you to let the scales fall from your eyes. This project is a collaboration with musicians Breezy Lee and Richard Luke along with leading Dubstep producer Pinch. We… Read more »

Ludic Acid presents Cat Sith

Something is prowling through the spectacular Crawick Multiverse. Is it an errant endangered Scottish wildcat, an ancient mythical highland spirit, or a modern vernacular cryptid perhaps? Join Sammy, cat catcher extraordinaire, as he tracks and stalks this elusive beast in an interactive, light hearted engrossing spectacle. This act begins as independent interactive dual walkabouts of… Read more »

John Bolland presents Pibroch

How does it feel to find oneself on a ‘burning platform’ with a pressing need for change but limited options? Pibroch, is a multimedia theatre production which explores parallels between the Climate Emergency and the Piper Alpha Disaster in 1988. Created by Aberdeenshire – based writer and artist, John Bolland, this exciting new production uses… Read more »

Scottish Opera presents Pop Up Opera

Pop-up Opera is back touring Scotland this Summer! Experience opera on a miniature scale with specially created 30-minute versions of Die Fledermaus and Eugene Onegin – one a sparkling comedy of mistaken identities, the other a stirring tale of first love – brought to life by a storyteller, two singers, instrumentalists, and a beautiful backdrop… Read more »