Region: Moffat

Woman Walking by Sylvia Dow, Directed by Becky Hope-Palmer

I know you’re there. You’ve been there all this time. Watching. Woman Walking by acclaimed Scottish playwright, Sylvia Dow, is inspired by the life of Nan Shepherd, and her love of the Cairngorms and the connection she had with the mountains. Woman Walking is a beautifully poignant play imagining several interactions over a period of… Read more »

John Bolland presents Pibroch

How does it feel to find oneself on a ‘burning platform’ with a pressing need for change but limited options? Pibroch, is a multimedia theatre production which explores parallels between the Climate Emergency and the Piper Alpha Disaster in 1988. Created by Aberdeenshire – based writer and artist, John Bolland, this exciting new production uses… Read more »