Region: Moffat

James Rowland Piece of Work

James has been touring his storytelling theatre shows for half his adult life. This tour was different though. Returning home after his first stint away, he received a letter that exploded his life, and the tour became a search: for the person who sent it, for a sense of where he comes from, and to… Read more »

A Play, A Pie and A Pint ROOST By Laurie Motherwell

  All tickets include a pie plus a drink (alcoholic or soft). “Just a fantastic concept ” The Guardian A heartful play about pigeons, home and the power of hobbies, inspired by Glasgow’s doo-men.  When social worker Hana has to deliberate upon Bingo’s case for the custody of his daughter, his unusual hobby as a… Read more »

Raymond Wilson presents I Hope Your Flowers Bloom

Flitting between romantic obsession and botanical description, Raymond Wilson’s semi-autobiographical show offers a raw, moving and genuinely funny exploration of healthy masculinity, self-worth and working-class access to nature. Through his friendship with Flo and her modern nomadic lifestyle, Raymond attempts to escape the greyness of the Glasgow scheme into Scotland’s natural world. But when Flo… Read more »