Region: Stewartry

The Gallovidian Gathering

Are you ready to join us for a Yuletide Gathering like no other?   Following the success of our sold out event in May 2023, we’re hosting another Gallovidian Gathering at Castle Douglas Town Hall!   Join us to experience a new spin on oor auld cultural traditions.   Through an immersive night of time… Read more »

Tortoise in a Nutshell present Ginger

It’s time to get baking! Eggs crack Butter melts Puffs of flour fill the air The perfect platter of Gingerbread people is ready for the oven. But one of these biscuits has other ideas… Ginger welcomes you to a picture-perfect kitchen, for a brand-new baking masterclass from everyone’s favourite baker-extraordinaire…Ginger! Back with the latest instalment… Read more »

Woman Walking by Sylvia Dow, Directed by Becky Hope-Palmer

I know you’re there. You’ve been there all this time. Watching. Woman Walking by acclaimed Scottish playwright, Sylvia Dow, is inspired by the life of Nan Shepherd, and her love of the Cairngorms and the connection she had with the mountains. Woman Walking is a beautifully poignant play imagining several interactions over a period of… Read more »

AyeTunes! presents My Doric Diary

It’s December 31st, 2010, in Fraserburgh and the eve of Daisy’s 17th birthday. But all is not sparkly at Daisy and Granny’s house. Tempers have erupted and a disgruntled Daisy has locked herself away. Daisy is desperate to join her best friend at the New Year’s Eve party in the town’s Leisure Centre, but Granny… Read more »


VRï are Jordan Price Williams (cello, voice), Aneirin Jones (violin, voice) and Patrick Rimes (viola, violin), three young men from deepest, darkest chapel-going Wales who have mined the cultural upheaval of past centuries and drawn inspiration from the incredible story of a time when Wales’ traditional music and dance was suppressed by Methodist chapels, and,… Read more »

Gaither A’ Thegether

Gather all together for an immersive night of time travel with An Dannsa Dub, bringing us their vibrant fusion of mystical energy and Gaelic folk song with the heavy, mediative, driving basslines of Dub.  Join us to experience a new spin on oor auld cultural traditions.  You’ll be guided by BBC Introducing’s Phoebe I.H, through an evening of eating, drinking, dancing… Read more »

John Bolland presents Pibroch

How does it feel to find oneself on a ‘burning platform’ with a pressing need for change but limited options? Pibroch, is a multimedia theatre production which explores parallels between the Climate Emergency and the Piper Alpha Disaster in 1988. Created by Aberdeenshire – based writer and artist, John Bolland, this exciting new production uses… Read more »

Hebridean Treasure: Lost and Found

Hebridean Treasure: Lost & Found captivatingly blends song, dance and storytelling with live Scottish and South Asian music to conjure up the ancient landscapes of the Scottish Isles and the inhabitant’s deep connection with the rhythms of nature. A universal story of exile, suffering and the loss of age-old wisdom, the piece moves through grief… Read more »