25th May 2024 7:30pm - 9:00pm


25th May 2024 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Adult: £12 | Under 26: £6

A breath-taking blend of Scottish and South-Asian inspired music and storytelling.


When Mountains Meet is a captivating, cross-cultural tale following the true story of musician Anne Wood, as she meets her father, family and heritage for the first time.

An international cast of storytellers and musicians set forth on an unforgettable voyage from the Scottish Highlands to the Himalayas.

My mother is Scottish. My father was Pakistani. In my early twenties I found the father I’d never met … but I was taboo in a culture to which I longed to belong.”

Conceived by Anne as a conversation between Scottish and South-Asian music, the vibrant live score combines alap, raag, reel and strathspey, as well as English, Gaelic and Hindustani vocals.

This tender, surprising and heart-opening show offers an immersive audience experience, summoning majestic mountains, mesmerising sounds and mouth-watering tastes. More like being invited to a party or a wedding than a show, When Mountains Meet offers an experience that stimulates all the senses. It is richly visual, musically complex, tactile and tasty. Drawing on the tradition of generous Pakistani and Scottish hospitality, audiences experience a warm, intimate, almost village-hall style friendliness, while simultaneously being offered superb entertainment.

Fascinating…richly enjoyable…tells a very personal story with great skill” Joyce McMillan

Easily the best piece of immersive theatre I have seen in years”

Jideofor Muotune, Afrowegian