23rd May 2024 7:30pm - 24th May 2024 9:00pm


23rd May 2024 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Adult: £10 | Under 26: £5
24th May 2024 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Adult: £12 | Under 26: £6

Galloway SangStreams taps into the rich cultural legacy and vibrant creativity of this area with songs, music, words, soundscapes and images inspired by our landscape, heritage and changing climate.

Following on from the success of the Cairn Valley Song Cycle of 2015, Cairn Chorus – an accomplished community choir, based in Moniaive – will again stretch their many talents and build on their reputation for putting on a great show!

Cairn Chorus are also very excited to be working alongside:

Acclaimed Penpont poet Hugh McMillan will act as raconteur and share his newly commissioned pieces through the performance.

Wonderful, well-known musicians Emily Smith and Jamie McClennan who will perform new pieces with the choir and in house band.

Peerless choir leader Kate Howard who has also set words by local poet Peter Roberts to her own music.

Well known harper and choir chairperson Wendy Stewart who has produced an ode to the beauties of the peat bog – in four-part harmony!

Galloway SangStreams promise truly local/global concerts to inspire and delight.

Performances also feature:

Songs arranged by Dr Jo Miller, originally from St John’s Town of Dalry, gleaned from her research into Galloway folk songs – and it will be a joy to bring these to life again.

Images and recordings from the extensive archive of Glencairn’s Alyne Jones will be intertwined with the performance music.

Soundscapes created by Moniaive musician Lucy Smith will form an aural landscape.

Artist Jo Ray of Auchenstroan and Kate have translated the DNA of local plants into sound and music for the concerts.